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Ejournal November 2018
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Dipnarine Maharaj, MB.Ch.B, M.D. on the Use of “Young Blood” in the Elderly
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In this conversation with Florence Comite, M.D., Dipnarine Maharaj, MB.Ch.B., M.D., FRCP talks about transferring young, healthy plasma to elderly, frail individuals. Dr. Maharaj is Medical Director of the Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine in Boynton Beach, FL.

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AMMG April Conference will feature a Track on Core Issues in Age Management Medicine
Jeff Morris

A pre-conference track at the upcoming AMMG Conference in Miami will cover the foundations of Age Management Medicine, including nutrition, supplements, fitness, hormones, assessment protocols, and legal basics of importance to any physician.
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AMMG Launches Online CME Education
Jeff Morris

AMMG has launched its online CME program, with the latest Age Management Medicine focused education presented by world-renowned faculty in a convenient, web-based format, allowing you to obtain your CME requirements on your schedule.
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AMMG 25th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine

Latest AMM News

Fountain of Youth? Scientists Switch Off Gene to DOUBLE Lifespan

23andMe Offers Customers New Diabetes Risk Score

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Increase the Risk of Blood Clots?

Free Fatty Acids Appear to Rewire Cells to Promote Obesity-Related Breast Cancer

Is Prediabetes Really a Medical Condition that Needs Attention?

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Mens Health Column

Doctors need to talk through treatment options better for black men with prostate cancer
Rajesh Balkrishnan, Randy A. Jones

There’s growing evidence that distinct racial and ethnic disparities in prostate cancer treatment contribute to African-American men having the highest risk of dying from it.
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Fitness in Medicine

The top 2019 fitness trends — and how to incorporate them into your workouts
Stephanie Mansour

Fitness professionals say these are the exercise trends to watch this year. Here's how to use them to your advantage.
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AMMG 25th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine


Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
Amit Akirov, M.D

Patients should be informed of a possible risk for Alzheimer’s disease with prolonged use of hormone therapy, even though the absolute risk elevations are small.
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Physicians and Medicine

6 Key Physician Retirement Insights From Doctors Already There
Amy Farouk

Hundreds of retired physicians have shined a light on what makes them successful, satisfied and confident in this stage of life.
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Regenerative and cell based medicine

Cell Therapy Could Replace Need for Kidney Transplants
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Scientists are working on a promising approach for treatment of chronic kidney disease: regeneration of damaged tissues using therapeutic cells.
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