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Ejournal November 2018
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Kenneth S. Sharlin, M.D., MPH, Discusses Functional Medicine and Brain HealthAMMG Video

In this conversation, Dr. Edwin Lee speaks with Dr. Kenneth Sharlin, author of “The Healthy Brain Tool: Neurologist-Proven Strategies to Prevent Memory Loss and Protect Your Aging Brain.” Dr. Sharlin is a board-certified neurologist, consultant, and functional medicine practitioner.

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AMMG Presents Paul Thompson, M.D. with the 2020 Alan P. Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine

Jeff Morris


On November 8th at the 27th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Paul Thompson was presented with the 13th Annual Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award.
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AMMG Launches Online CME Course: Hormone Use in Clinical Age Management

Jeff Morris

AMMG has officially launched the next module in its Online CME series, “Hormone Use in Clinical Age Management Medicine, Part 1.” In these nine hours of online learning, expert presenters provide the essentials and latest research in hormone replacement therapy.
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AMMG 28th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine

Latest AMM News

Common Brain Disorders Accelerate Brain Aging

How Physicians Should Tackle Their Toughest Money Decisions

Research Shows 'Bad Cholesterol' Is Only As Unhealthy As Its Composition

Statins Not Associated With Memory Or Cognition Decline In Elderly, May Be Protective In Some Patients

New Finding Offers Possibility For Preventing Age-Related Metabolic Disease

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Fitness in Medicine

Practical Advice for Practitioners on Prescribing HRT
Louise Newson, BSc (Hons) Pathology, MB, ChB (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP, DFFP, FRCGP

An overview of the evidence relating to HRT use and practical tips to help practitioners prescribe appropriately.
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Fitness in Medicine

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Linked to Increased Biological Aging and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
James Ives

Analyzing data collected from wearable trackers, researchers from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM) and the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) recently demonstrated that chronic sleep deprivation is associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk markers and accelerated biological aging.
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AMMG CME Online Age Management Medicine Courses

Fitness in Medicine

IT Will Be Key to Precision Medicine’s Success in 2020
Joel Diamond

Unless IT concerns related to precision medicine are addressed, healthcare will simply reenact a mistake made years ago with EHRS: valuable data that can directly impact care will be locked in a silo, unavailable during clinical decision-making.
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Fitness in Medicine

Proposed Changes To Stark Law & Anti-Kickback Statute, Explained
Kristin M. Bohl and Adetoro T. Olugbemi

The proposed rules released in October 2019, aimed at removing regulatory barriers to coordinated care and value-based care, provide some of the most extensive changes to these laws in response to the HHS’s “Regulatory Sprint to Coordinated Care."
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Fitness in Medicine

Breaking Down Proposed Changes to Anti-Kickback, Stark Law
Jacqueline LaPointe

Proposed updates to the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law would support value-based care, but compliance could be an issue for some, a healthcare consultant explains.
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