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Ejournal November 2018
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Elliot Dinetz, M.D. Talks About Developing a Personalized Nutrition Plan

Joseph Bosilijevac, Jr., M.D. AMMG Conference


In this conversation with Dr. Galen Eversole, Dr. Elliot Dinetz discusses how he goes about developing personal nutrition plans for his patients.
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The Corporate Shield: A Light that Pierces Through the National Practitioner Data Bank’s Dark Shadow

Zachariah B. Parry, Esq

The practice of medicine, it turns out, like the practice of law, is a messy endeavor. You can’t just assess a patient, diagnose them, and treat them. There are so many other considerations, most of which are created by those lawyers working in a field that was not quite as they pictured it, either. These unwanted complexities lead to what I am calling the Physician’s Lament: “Why can’t I just treat my patients?”
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5 Ways CBD Can Ease Aging and Improve Longevity

Alex Harber

Many are turning to natural products such as CBD, that are holistic in their therapeutic benefits. Not only will CBD improve the appearance of your skin, but it also retains a glut of additional health benefits. There are a multitude of anti-aging products being developed specifically with CBD included, due to the wide-ranging array of benefits that it holds.
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2 Blood Proteins May Hold the Secret to Living Longer

Pomegranate Extract Could Unlock a Powerful ‘Fountain of Youth’ Treatment for Seniors

How Psychedelic Trips Are Helping People Heal from Trauma


Scientists Find Potential Cure for Arthritis Pain—by Using Electricity to Regrow Cartilage

Window to the Grave: Simple Eye Test Could Reveal How Long You Have Left to Live

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Womens Health

Older Women on Hormone Replacement Therapy Are HALF as Likely to Die From COVID Than Their Peers, Study Suggests
Luke Andrews, Emily Craig

Women have consistently had a lower death rate than men throughout the pandemic, with high levels of the female hormone estrogen thought to be playing a role.
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Disorders of Aging and Age Management Medicine

Men, Smokers More Likely to Have Undiagnosed Asthma, According to Study
Julia Bonavitacola

A recent study found that men, smokers, and older people are more likely to have asthma symptoms without a diagnosis of asthma, which can likely be attributed to other factors regarding their overall health.
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Diet, Nutrition,Supplements

Inflammatory Markers Indicate Dementia Decades Before Symptoms
Steve Fink

A new study suggests that inflammatory markers, part of the body’s defense strategy against dementia, are noticeable ten to twenty years in advance of the disease.
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The Age Management Center is a highly successful, 20-year old, concierge-style cash based medical practice in New England with a profitable opportunity for an equity management partner and well suited for multi-location expansion. The company principal is reducing hours and will offer necessary training as part of the onboarding. Due to growing demand, AMC is also seeking an additional NP or PA provider, offering competitive salary and performance bonus. Please send inquires to kristen@agemanagementcenter.com.

Brain Health

Calorie Restriction Yields ‘Remarkable’ Health Benefits That Can Lead to Longer Lifespan
Faith Coleman

Researchers at Yale University concluded the first controlled study of calorie restriction in healthy humans. Results confirm that it leads to “remarkable” long-term health benefits, and also identified a protein connected to calorie restriction that may ensure a longer, healthier life.
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Brain Health

Revolutionary Blood Test Can Detect Over 50 Genetic Neurological Diseases: ‘Will Be a Game-Changer’
Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

An international team of scientists are creating a single blood test to find over 50 genetic diseases. They expect the revolutionary blood test to cut the time of diagnosis for neurological and muscular disorders from decades to days.
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Brain Health

Non-invasive Procedures to Account for 50% of the Aesthetic Medicine Market Share

With a market share of over 40%, North America is likely to maintain its dominance in the medical aesthetics industry. Non-invasive procedure is expected to be the highest revenue generating service.
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