Feature Article: March/April 2022 – 5 Ways CBD Can Ease Aging and Improve Longevity

5 Ways CBD Can Ease Aging and Improve Longevity

Alex Harber

While aging is part and parcel of life, there is no doubt that many of us will spend thousands of pounds in order to delay the process. The process of aging can start as early as our 30s, and people are taking preventative action at increasingly young ages. 

There are, of course, a plethora of anti-aging products available on the market and these have been popular for many years. However, these work differently for each person as they only act on a dermatological level, rather than anything internal. We know that a healthy body can aid healthy skin, hair and eyes etc.

This is why many are turning to natural products such as CBD, that are holistic in their therapeutic benefits. Not only will CBD improve the appearance of your skin, but it also retains a glut of additional health benefits. 

First, we must ascertain exactly what CBD is, as confusion persists around this as a result of years of misplaced prohibition.

What is CBD?

There are over 500 different compounds that combine to form the cannabis plant as we know it. There is a dazzling array of defining characteristics amongst these that we are still trying to decipher. 

The two cannabinoids that we know the most about are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, there is also a lot confusion around these two that leads to many avoiding CBD altogether.

THC is the dominant psychoactive compound of cannabis and is responsible for the ‘high’ typically depicted in popular culture. Red eyes, incessant snacking and chronic forgetfulness often characterise this.

CBD, however, is non-psychoactive. This means that it does not cognitively impair the user. Despite this, it still retains an abundance of therapeutic benefits, including those that ease the process of aging. 

Let us now move on to discuss exactly how CBD help. 

CBD Reduces Stress and Anxiety

We know that our endocannabinoid system, consisting of CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout our central nervous system and brain is responsible for monitoring a host of regulatory bodily processes, including responses to pain, sleep and mood. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system in order to regulate our mood. 

Certain studies have also revealed that CBD encourages neural regeneration. CBD balances the production of cortisol by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. Cortisol is responsible for the production of stress. As a result, CBD helps to regulate cortisol production and helps to stabilise mood and decrease stress for the user. 

Any reduction in stress is likely to reduce the appearance of wrinkles across your face, allowing your skin to look relaxed and younger. 

CBD Increases Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity is as expected, referring to the skin’s ability to return to its original form after stretching. A lack of skin elasticity means that skin looks saggy and wrinkled. As we age, this elasticity gradually ebbs away. Exposure to the sun also accelerates this process.

There are a multitude of other factors contributing to the degradation of skin elasticity, including air pollution, smoking and poor nutrition. However, CBD can help! 

One notable 2019 study found that CBD improved the skin elasticity of 20 subjects who all had significant skin diseases and scars. 

CBD Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep is when our body does its most stringent regenerative work, and its importance cannot be understated. However, many of us regularly struggle with sleep and this often shows on our face the following day, leaving us with dark puffy eyes and tired-looking skin. 

Research has suggested that CBD can aid in sleep, however. Most studies suggest that CBD reduces cortisol levels in the body, which is a stress hormone that is high in sufferers of insomnia. 

A particular study of interest here, published in 2019 assessed 25 subjects who were experiencing poor sleep. Each patient was given 25mg of CBD per day. In the first month over two thirds of these reported better sleep. This is an impressive rate, considering 25mg is a tiny amount of CBD. 

CBD Combats Free Radicals

Free radicals are unstable atoms that occur as a result of an uneven number of electrons. Free radicals can cause all kinds of cellular damage that results in a range of illnesses as well as aging. 

Free radicals also cause an imbalance between themselves and antioxidants resulting in oxidative stress, which can cause issues all over the body. 

Much like other antioxidants, CBD interrupts free radical chain reactions, by either capturing them or transforming them into less active forms. 

Free radicals cause aging of the skin and regular CBD usage has been shown to effectively combat free radical damage. 

CBD Combats a Range of Skin Issues

There are so many skin conditions that CBD has been proven to benefit, including psoriasis, acne and eczema. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD mean that it is excellent at curbing symptoms such as itchiness, which originate from skin inflammation.

A notable 2015 study looked into CBD’s effectiveness at combatting skin diseases specifically related to inflammation and found that CBD treatment left the skin looking clearer, brighter, younger and healthier. 


There is no reason that CBD should be restricted to young people, or just for pain relief. There are a multitude of anti-aging products being developer specifically with CBD included, due to the wide-ranging array of benefits that it holds. 

It is always important to speak to your doctor or GP before trying CBD for the very first time – particularly if you are taking existing medication.

Alex Harber is Head of SEO Marketing at Cannacares, www.cannacares.co.uk.