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The e-Journal of Age Management Medicine immerses readers in the latest medical news, industry-leader interviews, trends, topics, and practical advice surrounding our medical specialty.

Overseen by editor Jeff Morris, the monthly e-Journal reaches over 160,000 physicians and healthcare professionals via email. Its editorial mission is clear—broaden readers’ scope with trustworthy, relevant information to help them realize superior patient care, increased practice revenue, and greater job satisfaction.

With that, we recognize the diversity of our readership. Some are researching or considering age management medicine, while others are new to it or are longtime age-management clinicians, familiar with our proactive, preventative approach. That’s why every issue is packed with scientific, medical, and industry news with analysis that is relevant and vital to all readers and their patients’ health.

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e-Journal: Call for Articles and Papers

The e-Journal of Age Management Medicine encourages authors interested in submitting articles for publication to email us at journal@AgeMed.org.


  • Articles should be noncommercial and related to age management medicine. Priority is given to articles offering clinical perspectives or original research.
  • Articles should be submitted in an electronic format, preferably in Microsoft Word as an attached file. Extremely long articles may be split and published as multi-part articles.
  • Please limit or exclude graphics.
  • Articles should include a short biographical sketch of all listed authors.

AMMG retains the right to refuse any article determined to be outside our editorial mission or inappropriate for this publication. AMMG may approve selected articles for reprinting in other publications, providing proper accreditation to the original author(s).