Traumatic Brain Injury Online Lecture Series

TBI OnLine Lecture Series

Dr. Mark Gordon is an AMMG Faculty Member & Prominent Physician. Through the Millennium Health Centers, he has been training healthcare providers in the science behind the assessment and treatment of TBI since 2007. In 2015, Dr. Mark Gordon released his book: TBI – A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment and subsequently travelled to train over 1000 physicians world-wide.  Still there were many physicians, nationally and internationally, who were unable to attend his training due to timing, location, cost, and then Covid.  In early 2022, Dr. Gordon set out to automate and update the lectures associated with the book so that many more healthcare providers could learn the Millennium’s protocols to assess and treat those with a TBI.

TBI Online Lecture Series

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Since 2009, the Millennium Health Centers has provided CME lectures on neurotrauma causing hormonal deficiencies. Since that time, the sciences have evolved to provide a more robust appreciation of the complexity of the systems that are evoked in trauma and affect both cognition and emotional stability. In 2015, with the release of the book; TBI – A clinical approach to diagnosis and treatment, a two-day course was developed to share this information twice a year along with AMMG’s conferences.

The TBI Lecture series consists of 600 slides with over 500 embedded, context-sensitive links to the articles that are being discussed. These lectures will enable you to take the certification examination to become a part of the Millennium TBI Network. As a member, you will have access to all our proprietary products and services including laboratory and treatment protocols all at network rates. Additionally, you can get a listing on our primary website; which gets millions of hits after a Joe Rogan Podcast.

On November 14, 2022, the Millennium’s 7-part lecture series on Traumatic Brain Injury was launched. As an On-Line course consisting of 15 hours of lectures, healthcare providers can now license the series at review at their leisure. Additionally, the Millennium TBI Certification examination is available through our Shopify store.

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