Jordan Plews Ph.D.

Plews, Jordan - Ph.D.

Jordan Plews, M.D.

Co-founder, CEO, Elevai Skincare

Dr. Plews completed his postdoctoral and business school training at Stanford University after completing degrees in the UK in Biochemical Engineering & Bioprocess Development, and Stem Cell Research & Molecular Biology. His research has focused on stem cells and regenerative medicine and has been published in a variety of well respected scientific and medical journals. Following many years investigating the use of various types of stem cells on injury and degenerative diseases, he has gone on to build and lead teams, setting up stem cell culture labs and developing stem cell-based regenerative medicine solutions before pivoting into aesthetics. Dr. Plews, whose research has been published in top tier medical journals such as Nature Methods and the  Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, obtained his postdoctoral training at Stanford University. There, he  conducted research and trained Ph.D. students. Following many years of research utilizing various types of stem  cells to treat a variety of health issues, Dr. Plews co-founded Xytogen Biotech in 2015, a California based  cosmeceutical company developing next-generation topical, stem cell based skincare solutions. Over a five-year  period, he led a team to build a fully-functioning stem cell culture laboratory, and launched over five high-end  products that generated multi-million dollars in top line national sales. Dr. Plews’ career spans biochemical engineering, molecular biology, and stem cell applications. He earned a Ph.D. from and received first class honors in the engineering doctorate program in Biochemical Engineering &  Bioprocess Management at University College London.