Matthew Halpert, PhD

Halpert, Matthew - Ph.D.


President, The Immunocine Cancer Center

Matthew Halpert Ph.D. received his doctorate in immunology from the University of Alabama- Birmingham in 2011, and subsequently moved through post-doctoral training to research faculty at Baylor College of Medicine over the next ten years. While conducting basic research in the lab predominantly focused on novel cancer immunotherapy technologies, Dr. Halpert also founded Diakonos Research Ltd – a cancer immunotherapy biotechnology company with several ongoing FDA clinical trials to date. Along the way, numerous peer-reviewed publications and unique patents were developed and attributed to Dr. Halpert as a primary player, and subsequently Dr. Halpert has been repeatedly solicited for presentations and advice with the cancer immunotherapy landscape. Dr. Halpert has co-founded several additional successful biotech initiatives based on his own leading and patented ideas and technologies, mostly focused on promoting good science into clinical development for unmet needs. Dr. Halpert currently focuses on ways to physiologically empower the body’s immune system to robustly and specifically target and eliminate hard-to-treat threats.