Simisola Oke, MD, BSc

Oke, Simisola - MD - BSc

Simisola Oke, M.D., BSc

Chief Medical Officer, Glycan Age

Dr. Simisola Oke gained her medical degree from St. George’s University of London. She went on to complete her business degree at Imperial College London, after which she worked in the NHS for 5 years, specializing in acute and emergency medicine. Dr. Simisola went on to work in Aviation Space Medicine with the Ministry of Defence and the Swiss Army, where she built out research plans for novel technologies and was exposed to hypo and hyperbaric medicine. She became interested in the use of hyperbaric therapies for wound care and healing which sparked an interest in longevity and preventative medicine. Dr. Simi now works at GlycanAge as Chief Medical Officer, supporting business growth and medical education to help other practitioners interested in preventative and functional medicine, to leverage the power of glycans to optimize their patient’s health.