Myrto Ashe, M.D., MPH

Ashe, Myrto - M.D., MPH

Myrto Ashe, M.D., MPH

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM)  
  • Private Practice, San Rafael, CA 

Myrto Angela Ashe, M.D., MPH, originally trained as a family physician and practiced 20 years in community health centers in Massachusetts, California, and Colorado. 

After noticing the failure of a conventional medical approach to improve symptoms for a close family member, she began to study alternatives to medications, and to try some of these practices on herself and her family. The near immediate improvement in everyone’s health was so compelling that in 2011, she decided to orient her entire practice around functional medicine.  

Since early 2016Dr. Ashe has worked to understand and implement a programmatic approach for the reversal or stabilization of patients with cognitive decline, first published by Dr. Dale Bredesen. This brings her back to her original fascination as an undergraduate in neurobioloogy and neuropathology.  

most disturbing revelation when working with patients to improve cognition is that many of us suffer from cognitive disturbances at an early age, in our 50s and 60s. This quickly impacts work, relationships, and life goals. Learning to optimize cognition is thus a cornerstone of everything else we seek to accomplish in our lives. It has been very exciting to confirm that functional medicine can indeed improve cognition, and to work relentlessly to define best practices so that more patients can be helped by more providers. 

Her consultation-based practice is located in San Rafael, California. She is also happy to work with providers who want advice on helping their patients with cognitive issues. Her website is