Jin-Xiong She, Ph.D.

She, Jin-Xiong - M.D.

Jin-Xiong She, Ph.D.

  • Genomic Medicine, Augusta University, Recruited: 2002

Jin-Xiong She is a lead researcher in a massive international study (TEDDY) following thousands of children to see if they develop type 1 diabetes. The study aims to uncover why the disease develops in some susceptible children but not in others.

The children in the project, which began in 2006, are all genetically predisposed to type 1 diabetes. By monitoring them over a 15-year period, She and his colleagues seek to pinpoint which environmental factors trigger the disease’s development.

She also is investigating the telltale signs of cancer and autoimmune diseases. This investigation into novel biomarkers and drugs involves high-throughput screening, an automated process that uses robotics and specially developed software to accelerate testing of genetic material and drug candidates. The high-throughput technology mastered in the lab became the foundation for Jinfiniti Biosciences LLC, a start-up company that provides the rapid screening to biomedical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.