Parry, Zach

Zach Parry

Zach earned his law degree from the University of Illinois, graduating magna cum laude, and has since taught several university-level law courses and published over fifty legal articles and a book currently used as the text for a legal course at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

For over a decade, Zach was a civil litigator and trial attorney who was able to win several multimillion-dollar judgments. Along the way, Zach learned some unexpected lessons about how money works: how to earn it, grow it smarter, and keep more of it.

While thriving as a trial attorney, Zach partnered up with a tax expert and started a second law firm, the Fortune Law Firm, which is dedicated to helping clients with tax planning, investments, and retirement. Zach has since sold his trial practice to dedicate his efforts to the Fortune Law Firm, where he currently helps his clients create a comprehensive tax and asset-protection plan to help them keep more of what they earn.