Angela DeRosa, D.O., MBA, CPE

DeRosa, Angela - D.O., MBA, CPE

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE 

  •  Founder, Hormonal Health Institute
  • Medical Director, Belmar Pharm Solutions
  • CEO & Founder DrM Integrative Health

Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, is a dynamic professional on a mission to change the face of women’s health and wellness. As a respected, internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa understands the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause as she herself was in full-blown menopause by the age of 35.  Dr. DeRosa has more than 25 years experience in the medical field, both on the pharmaceutical side and in clinical practice. In 2006 she founded DeRosa Medical, which quickly became eponymous with bio-identical hormonal healthcare. She eventually sold her company in the fall 2017 to Houston-based, Nobilis Health in order to focus on new opportunities.

Dr. DeRosa’s enthusiasm for educating patients on the realities of menopause and the risk factors hormonal health imbalances has never waned. It was the driving force behind her first bestselling book, How Your Doctor Is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide.  Her book, along with its controversial title, caught the attention of the public, media and the medial community. In fact, she received an avalanche of requests from physicians across the country wanting to learn more. In 2018, she heeded their call by launching The Hormonal Health Institute: Executive Instruction for Medical Professionals, a hormonal healthcare consultancy designed to instruct medial providers and provide practice development training on bio-identical hormonal replacement therapies.

Dr. DeRosa is a member of the International Menopause Society, European Andropause and Menopause Society, International Society of the Study of Women’s Sexual Health and a researcher on women’s health issues. Dr. DeRosa is Clinical Assistant Professor at Midwestern University, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, and is the Immediate Past President of the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association.

An avid cat lover, in 2017, Dr. DeRosa launched Kare For Me a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to providing grants, support and funding for local, no-kill animal shelters and scholarships for students pursuing a degree in veterinarian shelter medicine.

Dr. DeRosa resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.