Dan C. Purser, M.D.

Dan C. Purser, M.D.

  • Physician Nutraceutical Design, LLC;  AOBiologix, LLC.

I graduated from Brigham Young University and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, and after years of endocrinology research I worked hard to be the bestselling author of 17 books (it keeps going up), including co-writing a textbook, Program120: A Physician’s Guide to Proactive Preventive Medicine, and the Program 120 Handbooks. My men’s health book, Improving Male Sexuality, Fertility and Testosterone, was #1 in the Amazon Health Sex section for more than a week and my breast cancer book, The Breast Cancer Patient’s Survival Guide: Amazing Strategies for Winning, was #1 in the Amazon Health Reference section. My most recent best seller was The 85% Solution: MTHFR is Overpowering Our Medical System — Chances Are You Have It Too…

I am currently one of the top bestselling physician authors on Amazon and iBooks.

People tell me I’m an entertaining and dynamic educator and speaker (never NOT been voted as The Most Popular Speaker at any conference at which I’ve spoken) and seem to be popular among both the public and physicians, plus have gotten to travel many thousands of miles doing book, radio, and product tours all over the world (30 countries?).

The founder of a couple of successful health product design companies, we make a number of products for nutraceutical companies, a few of which I hold game-changing patents, which are key in helping us to start a new biologics pharma company. I’m also a BIG fan of Disneyland and Disney World where you can probably find me in my off time with my wife and some of the herd (we have 10 children between us).

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