Samael A. Tejada

Tejada, Samael A.

Samael A. Tejada

  • President & Founder, Liquivida

At 19 years old, while preparing to become a firefighter and paramedic, Sam Tejada opened his first company, Rescue-101, and turned it into a sought out and authorized provider of CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard Training courses for the American Red Cross in South Florida.

During his tenure as a Licensed Firefighter & Paramedic for the City of Oakland Park, he discovered the overarching health benefits of Nutrient IV Therapy. And through his association with Cenegenics- a global leader in age management medicine, he developed a keen interest in the alternative health options offered by holistic medicine. He attended countless seminars, and was mentored by Dr. Robert D. Willix, a board-certified cardiac surgeon who was widely recognized as a leader in preventive medicine, Sam’s two passions converged, culminating in the opening of Liquivida Lounge in 2013, with Sam taking on the role of Wellness Coordinator at the very first location, in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Word spread as Sam shared his vision of creating “a wellness spa for the health-conscious” in numerous publications, including the South Florida Business Journal, Good News Florida and Coconut Creek Life Magazine. Potential investors and strategic partnerships quickly followed, taking Sam north, south, east and west, assessing future growth opportunities and locations for Liquivida and developing strong relationships with top-notch pharmaceutical and medical aesthetic companies. With flagship stores in Lauderdale Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, integrated locations in major markets, including CT, NJ and AZ, and three new Florida locations opening soon in Orlando, Pembroke Pines, and Coral Gables, Sam’s goal of “brand awareness” continues to increase as the brand expands to new markets.

As the founder of Liquivida, Sam himself has achieved personal recognition as an entrepreneur and a rising healthcare leader, having his story and leadership tips featured in podcasts with “Together CFO,” named an honoree in the Healthcare category at the 2020 Apogee Awards, and upcoming features in Authority Magazine and the Franchise Times.

Implementing his vision alongside Sam is the LQV Management Team – a group of qualified executives who oversee the legal, marketing, public relations, and finance operations for Liquivida’s flagship stores and integrated locations.