Matt Gillogy

Owner, Six Medical Practices, Nationwide

He was exposed to the world of cash medical services in mid 2013. In 2014, he launched The Carolina Men’s Clinic where he was the General Managing Partner and CEO of The Carolina’s #1 Provider Of Men’s Sexual Health Solutions, specifically erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penile enhancement and low testosterone. He started and grew the company from start up to 3 locations in 3 cities in 18 months doing 6.5 million a year. He sold his interest in the locations in November of 2017. Today Matt owns interest in 6 medical practices nationwide. He has helped his clients make an additional $100 million in new revenues since 2017. Today, Matt helps Doctors  escape insurance based care through growing a cash practice. Focusing on the Med Spa, Anti Aging, Sexual Health, Regenerative, and other cash based procedures. He has 3 kids, Meghan, Andrew and Colin, a son in law Kyle,  a couple of spastic dogs and an amazing wife, Katie. In his spare time, Matt plays golf, reads marketing books, cheers on the LSU Tigers and figures out ways to grow businesses.