Peter A. Everts, Ph. D., FRSM

Peter A. Everts, Ph.D., FRSM

Chief Scientific Officer, Program Director, GCB

Innovative researcher and clinical practitioner in the field of regenerative-orthobiological medicine
applications, with extensive teaching and educational program development experience. Analytical
strategist skilled in successfully navigating evidence based clinical protocols and application
technologies through the concept, development, and implementation phases of new healthcare
medicine initiatives. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and
promoting cellular therapy programs across educational, and business lines, and global healthcare
organizations to drive positive transformation of regenerative medicine concepts, cohesive marketing
approaches, and enhanced profitability. Comfortable and experienced teacher for physicians and
health care providers in autologous biologics. Results-driven executive, committed to the continuous
mission of the development of the non-surgical medical profession through clinical studies and
research programs. Has published 70 peer reviewed articles or book chapters, including the first book
on PRP in 2007.