Building a Bulletproof Marketing Blueprint to Grow Your Age Management Medicine Practice

Building a Bulletproof Marketing Blueprint to Grow Your Age Management Medicine Practice


Most physicians that operate any type of elective medical practice offering cash-based procedures have one thing in common: They went to medical school, not business school. This represents a major challenge in the elective medical space because the second their doors open, they need to start running their practice as a retail business. To do this successfully, the first step any practice owner or physician needs to take is to analyze their business goals and create a rock-solid marketing blueprint. A successful marketing blueprint should map out your strategy for marketing to the pre-patient, new patient, as well as the existing patient. In this lecture, attendees will understand modern patient behavior as it relates to anti-aging and wellness and take a deeper dive into all the components behind building a bulletproof marketing blueprint.

Audrey Neff

Marketing Director, Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

Audrey has led successful marketing campaigns with award-winning recognition in several publications including Orlando Magazine, Orlando Business Journal, The Aesthetic Guide, and Aesthetic Everything — the world’s largest social network of aesthetic professionals. As Crystal Clear’s Marketing Director, Audrey manages new lead development, public relations, external marketing, branding, and partnership development. She has also fostered valuable relationships with some of the most prominent medical associations worldwide. With a result-oriented focus on lead generation, the Marketing Director’s efforts directly impact the company’s growing client base of aesthetic, medical and wellness businesses around the globe. Audrey also leads webinars on digital marketing best practices and is a faculty speaker for A4M, AAFPRS, ASAPS, AACD, AmSpa’s Medical Spa Show, and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.




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