Incorporating Fitness and the Use of an Exercise Physiologist in a Clinical Practice to Obtain Superior Patient Outcomes


This workshop will help clinicians understand how to incorporate the use of fitness protocols into their practice, and understand the skills that an exercise physiologist can bring to the table, such as Functional Assessment of Patients using Cardiorespiratory fitness, Pulmonary function, Resting Metabolic Rate, Strength testing, Heart Rate Variability, Body Composition Interpretation and Endothelial function. Also, how an exercise physiologist can assist in designing individualized fitness programs for patients to reach optimum outcomes.

Steven M. Villagomez, M.Ed.

Exercise Physiologist Strength & Conditioning
Associate Professor, School of Health Studies, Long Island University
Co-Founder & CEO – Kaizen Health Systems

Francisco Carreño-Galvez, Ph.D.

Exercise Physiologist Strength & Conditioning, Certified Nutrition Coach, Cellular Nutrition Expert
Adjunct Professor. School of Health Studies, Long Island University
Co-Founder & Executive Vice-President, Kaizen Health Systems




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