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How to Effectively Use Genomics in a Clinical Age Management Practice

Jeff Morris


In a workshop at the October AMMG conference, participants will learn how to make genomics clinically actionable so that better brain, cardiac and overall health and longevity can be obtained for patients.
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How CBD Could Help Combat Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Crystal Wilson

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) has potential to be slowed down by CBD, a substance produced from the cannabis plant. Its anti-inflammatory activities might lessen macula inflammation, its neuroprotective benefits might shield retinal cells, and its antioxidant characteristics may decrease the progression of AMD.
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Borrelia Burgdorferi, a Root Cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Case Re-port of Successful Treatment and Remission

Elliot Dinetz, M.D., Yusuf Saleeby, M.D.

The Borrelia species is recognized to cause a myriad of non-specific symptoms among Lyme patients. It has also been documented in the literature to have the ability to incite autoimmune responses. This underlying cause may help many patients obtain the proper diagnosis so that curative treatment may be received.
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Latest AMM News

FDA Fully Approves ‘Novel’ Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Legembi, Will Be Covered by Medicare

Will Unpredictable Side Effects Dim the Promise of New Alzheimer’s Drugs?

Quest Diagnostics Launches Alzheimer’s Blood Test for Consumers


Drug to Turbocharge the Brain in Old Age Has Come a Step Closer

Daily Use of Low-Dose Aspirin May Increase Anemia Risk in Healthy Older Adults: Study

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Womens Health

Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy
A. Michael Lincoff, M.D., et al

The cardiovascular safety of testosterone-replacement therapy in middle-aged and older men with hypogonadism has not been determined. A trial of 5246 men 45 to 80 years of age found in men with hypogonadism and preexisting or a high risk of cardiovascular disease, testosterone-replacement therapy was noninferior to placebo with respect to the incidence of major adverse cardiac events.
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Disorcerds of Aging

‘It’s Big-Time Progress’: Groundbreaking Alzheimer’s Drug Soon to Gain FDA Approval
Ann Marie Barron

A groundbreaking new Alzheimer's drug that slows the progression of the devastating disease is expected to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Disorcerds of Aging

Blood Test for 50 Types of Cancer Could Speed Up Diagnosis, Study Suggests
Andrew Gregory

A blood test for more than 50 forms of cancer could help speed up diagnosis and fast-track patients for treatment, a study suggests. NHS trial results of the liquid biopsy suggest the Galleri blood test has the potential to spot and rule out cancer in people with symptoms.
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Brain Health

Want to Live Longer? This Common Supplement Might Be An Anti-Aging Key
Miriam Fauzia

A published study found that taurine appears to decline as an organism ages, and that supplementing taurine back into a worm, mouse, or monkey’s diet appears to extend the lifespan of these animals along with reversing age-related damage in tissues like the muscle, bone, and brain.
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Psychological Health

Cannabis Use Linked to Epigenetic Changes, Scientists Discover
Rebecca Dyer

Using cannabis may cause changes in the human body's epigenome, a study of over 1,000 adults suggests. Studies examining the effect of marijuana on age-related health outcomes may provide further insight into the long-term effect of marijuana on health.
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