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Average HGH Replacement Therapy Cost in the US: Is It Expensive?


April 3, 2020 (EconoTimes) – As a crucial part of a healthy hormone (endocrine) system, human growth hormone (HGH/GH) is a protein made up of 190 amino acids. It is produced by cells called somatotrophs, then released into the bloodstream where it travels throughout the body doing important work. The two primary functions of GH are to a) stimulate tissue and bone growth and b) to send a signal to the liver to release insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is also a growth hormone that works in combination with GH.

Aside from the two most important functions of GH, though, there are many secondary purposes that GH serves which have significant health implications. Low circulating GH levels, in addition to reduced lean muscle mass related to the first function, can also slow down metabolism, cause fatigue, trigger depression and/or anxiety, and stimulate fat accumulation around the belly. Abominal fat, or belly fat, is a major indicator for disease because studies have shown direct correlations between percentage of belly fat by body weight and the development of diabetes.

The human endocrine system is incredibly complex: each individual hormone relies on the proper balance within the system to perform its tasks correctly. Any imbalance, such as low GH, will have a negative cascading effect on all your other hormones like testosterone, estrogen, insulin, etc.

Hormone replacement clinics and doctors help restore your body’s GH levels to their natural state through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Most top-rated clinics, like HGH Therapy Clinic, report that they source pure GH from a reliable manufacturer and administer it in the comfort of our modern office. Throughout the process, we monitor our patients’ responses. Your safety is our priority as providers. Patients who receive therapy report feeling younger, more energetic, and more enthusiastic than before they started their GH journey.

What about cost? How much does HGH replacement cost in United States? How much should you expect to pay as a patient? In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of GH therapy and what to expect.

How Much Does Growth Hormone Therapy Cost?

Many celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Suzanne Somers, and Nick Nolte are outspoken public devotees of GH therapy. Somers has described GH as “sex in a capsule”. Because of this, many people mistakenly assume that GH might be out of their budget. However, the therapy might be cheaper than you think.
On average, GH therapy in the United States from a licensed medical provider, for both the raw materials and for the medical guidance and supervision, is between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. Several factors affect how much an individual treatment program costs, which we’ll discuss further below.

What is the Cost of HGH Supplements?

Another factor that affects price is the source of the hormone. Most synthetic GH is produced in a laboratory using E.Coli bacteria to “grow” the hormones. This process is difficult to do well and must be performed under strict conditions to ensure purity. Although cheaper products can be found in Mexico or from China that have not been produced in a sterile environment, their quality is significantly less and it is difficult to know what contaminants may be in the product.

For the raw product, respectable brands such as sell for around $4,000 per 1.5 milliliters of injectable solution. Norditropin providers often get significant discounts off the retail price because of their professional networks – another benefit of getting your GH therapy through a professional medical clinic.

What is the HGH Injection Cost?

First of all, GH therapy comes in three forms: sprays, pills, or injections. Each of these delivery methods carries its own sets of benefits and drawbacks, including by price. The gold standard method in the industry is therapy with timed injections because they are more accurate, better researched, and more effective at boosting GH in the blood to desired levels.

Secondly, some patients require more or less GH to achieve optimal blood levels than others. Patients requiring more GH will pay a higher cost than those who need less.

Most patients pay between $1,000 and $5,000 per month for their injections.

Where Can I Find Effective, Quality GH?

The market is full of options – some are high-quality GH and others are not. Both types are fiercely marketed on the web. It’s best to have an experienced provider on your side who can assist you in selecting the right hormone for you and safely injecting you with the right quantity to achieve the results you are looking for. HGH Therapy Clinic ( is an advanced provider of GH injections. Also, they provide their patients with a personal advisor.

Can I Combine GH With Other Treatments to Save Money?

You can potentially save significant amounts of money by combining GH therapy with other kinds of HRT. Many practitioners, like HGH Therapy Clinic, offer an array of hormone replacement therapies. Often, replaced hormones can work synergistically with each other to amplify their benefits. For example, male patients often combine GH therapy with testosterone therapy to powerfully improve their effectiveness.

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