Edwin Lee is 2022 Alan P. Mintz Award Recipient

In October 2022, the 33rd Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Denver marked the return of the Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award for Excellence in Age Management Medicine. Edwin N. Lee, M.D., FACE, a member of the AMMG Planning Committee and veteran of numerous age management medicine conferences, was the first recipient of the award since 2019. Dr. LeeLee, Edwin N. - M.D. is an endocrinologist, author and international speaker. Thanks in part to his groundbreaking insight in his field, his best-selling books, and many significant presentations at major medical conferences around the world, Dr. Lee is a respected expert authority on hormonal balance and wellness, and a leader in defining the future of regenerative and functional medicine. He founded the Institute for Hormonal Balance in  Orlando, Florida in 2008, is board certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and has completed special training in Regenerative and Functional Medicine. Currently, he is the assistant professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Dr. Lee is a best-selling author, and a 2013 recipient of Living Now Book Award. In addition to writing his award winning books, including “Your Amazing Heart,” “Your Awesome Brain,” “Feel Good Look Younger: Reversing Tiredness Through Hormonal Balance,” and “Your Best Investment: Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind,” and “The Fountain of Youth with Peptides,” Dr. Lee has published many articles on internal medicine and endocrinology. He was also an author in the fourth edition of Textbook of Critical Care.

Dr. Lee truly enjoys helping his patients achieve better health. His passion is healthy living and he loves to practice what preaches, which has allowed him to summit Mount Fuji, Mount Katahdin, Mount Washington and Mount Hallasan (South Korea), snowboard with his family, swim with the Masters swim team and hike new places with his friends and family. He enjoys participating in open water swimming, cycling, hiking and Aquabike competition.