Practice Management Training

One Day Training | April 26, 2023

Practice Management Training: Launching and Growing a Successful Age Management Practice*

Many attendees of the AMMG conferences are attracted to the field of Age Management Medicine, but do not feel qualified, or empowered with the necessary tools, to successfully transition from the well-established structure of disease-based medicine or from the traditional insurance-based reimbursement system into a system which relies to a significant degree upon direct pay. This workshop is for those physicians and management staff.

In this workshop the strategies and methods of successfully making this transition will be reviewed in detail. Attendees will be guided through the process of evaluating their professional goals, and then be helped to create a successful strategy to achieve those goals.

At the completion of this workshop the intent is for the attendee to be equipped with the basic tools for making the decision whether to consider moving into an Age Management Medicine practice and if so, to create a successful transition into this exciting field.


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