Feature Article: August 2021 – An Open Letter to Age Management Medicine Practitioners

An Open Letter to Age Management Medicine Practitioners: Help Save NAD+

Jerry Gillick, College Pharmacy

An Open Letter to Age Management Medicine Practitioners: Help Save NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Injectable,  Nasal Spray, Topical)

Who should decide what treatment is best for your patient? You or the FDA? 

We all know that NAD+ inj is the active form of Vitamin B3, a vital nutrient found in every living cell. We also know that NAD+ declines with age. Several important proteins, such as sirtuins, that regulate cellular repair and defenses, require NAD+ to function.

There are minimal side effects when NAD+ is infused properly, and no black box warnings or reports of death, unlike numerous FDA approved drugs.

Are you using NAD+ inj for addiction support, mitochondrial support due to fluoroquinolone toxicity, chronic fatigue or other mitochondrial disorders? These are all valid uses and only you and your patient should decide if this form of treatment is appropriate.

I have been spending a lot of time and money in order to try and preserve NAD+ inj for the compounding and integrative industry. I need assistance from you, our prescribers, to ensure my efforts are not futile. If you value using NAD+ inj for your patients and want to continue beyond 2021, then  please assist me in this challenging endeavor. Now is not the time for apathy! 

The last NAD+ nomination to the positive API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) compounding list had many flaws, so we plan to write a professional, comprehensive nomination report, and also submit a well researched and well written Citizen’s Petition. If nothing is done, nothing will change. 

What can you do?

1. Email me to find out what additional steps are being undertaken

2. Email us information on why you are administering NAD+ inj to your patients and what results you are obtaining.

3. Show your support by offering to assist in the creation of the Citizen’s Petition and nomination document.

4. Ask your peers to get involved and assisting with this challenge

5. While this letter focuses on NAD+ inj, there are several other valuable ingredients which will disappear if no action is taken.

6. I plan to work on saving other APls, but I can’t do this without your assistance.

Please Note: Deadline for resubmission is September 30, 2021. Please respond before this date.

Did you know that Big Pharma has two lobbyists for every congressman/woman? 

The FDA is only concerned about protecting Big Pharma, and not interested in safe, effective natural ingredients. Their mission is to have all compounding under their control, and they are systemically attempting to eliminate what we can compound and what you can prescribe and administer. 

Please help me to protect your patients’ right to choose their form of healthcare. 


Thank you, 

Jerry Gillick

President/CEO & Director of Pharmacy Operations, College Pharmacy

719-262-0022 ext 123