Feature Article: January 2021 – AMMG Announces April 2021 Conference Agenda

AMMG Announces April 2021 LIVE Conference Agenda

Jeff Morris

AMMG brings you another cutting-edge, information packed CME conference in April, including an advanced BHRT course. Returning to the National Doral Miami, in Miami, Florida, this newest LIVE Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine—the 30th—will feature two full-day pre-conference sessions, and three days of proactive, preventive, integrative medical protocols.

Beginning prior to the proceedings proper, there will be an expanded Practice Management Workshop on Wednesday,  April 22. The workshop on Launching and Growing a Successful Age Management Practice will guide attendees through the process of evaluating their professional goals, and then help them to create a successful strategy to achieve those goals. It will help them successfully transition from the well-established structure of disease-based medicine or from the traditional insurance-based reimbursement system into a system which relies to a significant degree upon direct pay. Both physicians and management staff will be equipped with the basic tools to decide whether to consider moving into an Age Management Medicine practice, and how to make a successful transition into this exciting field.

Thursday brings two full-day pre-conference tracks. The Advanced Course in BHRT Practical Clinical Applications, in conjunction with the Hormonal Health Institute, will provide very practical and concise information to properly evaluate your patients and determine the best course of action to balance or replace the much-needed hormones: testosterone, estradiol, progesterone. This nuts and bolts series provides understanding of laboratory interpretation and optimal levels, pros and cons of different hormone delivery systems, how to properly dose each system and the knowledge to properly manage inevitable complications of BHRT. It also gives a basic framework of best practices in protecting your license while practicing in the area of hormonal medicine. Course sessions are taught by Angela DeRosa, D.O., MBA, CPE, the founder & president of Hormonal Health Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Melissa Loseke-Ablett, D.O., the CMO of Limitless Male Medical in Omaha, Nebraska.

Pre-Conference Track 2 is Dr. Mark Gordon’s noted full-day course in Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis and Treatment, which now includes the latest information on the rising cases of postCovid neurological complications due to the “Cytokine Storm”. Dr. Gordon has been offering this course for many years. He continues to update it with the very latest findings, and consistently gains rave reviews from attendees.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 24-26, offer three full days of consistently dynamic, thought-provoking and useful lectures and presentations. Friday is devoted primarily to sessions dealing with nutrition, diet, food as medicine, nutrigenomics, and the latest controversies involving nutrition in patient care. Highly qualified expert presenters include Arden Andersen, Ph.D., of McDonough Medical Center, Jay R. Hoffman, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology, Steven C. Masley, M.D., President, Masley Optimal Health Center, Betty Wedman-St Louis, Ph.D., Nutritionist & Environmental Health Specialist, Derrick DeSilva, Jr., M.D., Teaching Faculty, JFK Medical Center, and Co-Chair, Department of Complimentary Medicine at Raritan Bay Medical Center, and Rob Kominiarek, D.O., President & Medical Director, ReNue Health. A Keynote Presentation legislative update will be delivered by the only pharmacist in Congress, U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia.

In-depth presentations continue on Saturday and Sunday, covering such topics as epigenetics and clinical implications in cardiovascular aging, the endocrine/neuroendocrine optimization of laboratory testing for age management medicine patients, and much, much more.

For full details, visit www.agemed.org.