Feature Article: January 2024 – AMMG Announces 2023 Mintz Award Recipient

AMMG Announces 2023 Mintz Award Recipient

Jeff Morris

At the October AMMG conference, the 2023 Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine was presented to Cesar M. Pellerano, M.D.

Cesar Pellerano receives Mintz AwardDr. Pellerano is a Preventive Cardiologist and Age Management Physician in Miami, Florida, and has been practicing for over 30 years. He received his M.D. degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine and trained in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami, where he was Chief Medical Resident. His Cardiology Fellowship was completed at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Pellerano has lectured nationally and internationally on Preventive Cardiology, Lipid Management, Inflammatory Markers and Age Management. He has served on the faculty and medical boards of various companies over the years. His current practice of Prevention and Age Management serves as a model for other physicians. Currently he is the President, Founding Partner and Chief Medical Officer of Hillstar Health LLC. This company provides customized turnkey solutions for physicians to help build new or grow existing Age Management Medicine practices.

Dr. Pellerano is a member of the AMMG Conference Planning Committee.

At the November 2021 AMMG conference, among the most talked about lectures were a series organized by Dr. Pellerano, dealing with treating transgender patients. Dr. Pellerano said his inspiration for the lectures came from a patient he has been treating for two years, who is transgender and who has been doing “phenomenally”. He said he was taken aback by the attitudes of some of his colleagues, who had questioned his taking on a patient who was “different.”

“I brought the idea to AMMG, and they said let’s do it,” said Dr. Pellerano. He brought on two other physicians with expertise in this area, and they gave three lectures in a row.

“The sessions all seemed well attended,” said Dr. Pellerano, “and I got stopped in the halls and in the elevator by attendees, thanking me for bringing this to AMMG—other physicians who said it was really valuable information that they had been lacking.” Feedback from attendees described the sessions as “groundbreaking” to have at a conference.

This was not the first innovation Dr. Pellerano brought to AMMG. In April 2019, he chaired the first all-Spanish language track, at the Miami AMMG conference, covering a wide range of topics and taught entirely by experts in age management medicine who were fluent in Spanish.

The Alan P. Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine was established by AMMG to honor physicians who represent the vision of Dr. Mintz, a mentor, innovator, and visionary in Age Management Medicine who inspired many with his brilliant insights and desire to help others live a vital life. He forged new medical frontiers and embraced the spirit of determination and medical excellence. The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) presents this award to a physician who has displayed clinical excellence in Age Management Medicine and for superior patient care, healthy living, quality of life and entrepreneurship.