Featured Article: August 2018 – Website

AMMG Launches New Website

Jeff Morris

If you’re reading this right now, it will not come as news to you that AMMG has launched a new website.

And if you’re reading it on a mobile device, it should be especially clear to you that the new website makes viewing and scrolling through the pages a much better experience.

The new website is the result of months of planning, testing and site building. And while not every portion of the site has yet been transitioned, that work will continue behind the scenes until everything has the same look and feel.

The end result should be a much cleaner, more uniform, and easier to navigate website. The experience will be even more dramatically different on mobile devices, where pages should be a better fit and much easier to read.

In revamping the site, AMMG wanted to give users easier access to the information they want and need. Navigation to different pages should be more straightforward and logical, and there should be less clutter. Your time is important, and AMMG is, as always, here to serve you.

As the new site is ramped up, your comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Email rmerner@agemed.org.