Agenda April 2022

Preliminary Topics and Agenda

Thursday, April 7 – Full-Day Workshops

Workshop 1: A Day of DNA Telomere, Genetics & Epigenetics

Age Management Medicine rides the wave of medical innovation and clinicians must be updated and current on new evidence-based studies, topics, testing and treatment protocols involving genetics, epigenetics and telomere.  This workshop is designed for that purpose.  Current practicing clinicians will especially benefit from this new and cutting edge information.

Workshop 2: Introduction to Core Issues in Age Management Medicine

Course is designed to familiarize physicians and healthcare professionals with the basics of Age Management Medicine. Covers evidence-based use of nutrition, supplements, fitness, hormones—including a specialized lecture on hGH and assessment protocols—and legal basics, with some of the newest medical science on aging that may be in use now or in the near future; including relevant case presentations and discussion.

Workshop 3: Traumatic Brain Injury—A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

This full day program, TBI–A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment, will provide to the attendees overwhelming information culled from peer-reviewed articles on Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries as causative factors for personality changes, cognitive impairment and mood disorders leading up to suicide. The attendees will be walked through the literature discussing the effects of primary traumas and the secondary effects of inflammation and oxidative stress on functionality. The rising cases of post-Covid neurological complications will also be discussed as a new entry into non-traumatic brain injury due to the “Cytokine Storm”. This program will prepare you for the treatment.

Workshop 4: Office Based Aesthetics for the Age Management Medicine Clinician (Non-CME)

In response to attendee requests for information on aesthetic protocols and treatments which are office based and can be done by non-board-certified Age Management Clinicians either full time or as an adjunct to their existing practice, The decision not to accredit this track was made so that attendees could be provided with business tools as well as the science and medical information necessary to implement these procedures. The goal is not to make this track commercial but to give speakers in this niche area the leverage to openly discuss procedures and answer questions that could be severely restricted in an accredited environment. This track is also very appropriate for Support Staff.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 8 – 10

General Session Topics

  • Update on the State of Affairs for HRT and Compounding- Impact on Clinicians
  • Your Brain’s Longevity and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Alzheimer’s Options Functional Medicine Approach to the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Use of CRISPR Technology to Edit Out Bad genetic Traits
  • New Markers for Aging
  • The Genomics of a Pandemic: Human Polymorphisms, Viral Sabotage and Functional Medicine Solutions
  • The Evidence Based Case for Blocking Estrogen in Men
  • Panel Discussion: An Interactive Conversation with Experienced Age Management Physicians: Issues and Controversies in Treatments
  • The Dangers of Inhibiting Estrogen in Men
  • The Fallacy of Testosterone Precipitated Erythrocytosis
  • Medical Use of Psychedelics: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes and PTSD
  • Botox for Migranes, Hyperhydrosis
  • Longevity Implications & the Future of Human
  • Why Age Management is Perfectly Positioned to Combat Covid
  • Plasma Dilution Therapy as a Clinical Treatment for Age Related Disorders and Aging
  • Managing Elevated PSA on Testosterone Therapy
  • ALS and Dr. Roy Walford
  • Yeah, or Nay? Progesterone After Hysterectomy?

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