Feature Article: March 2024 – Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Age Management

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Age Management

Jeff Morris

It might be an over-used phrase, but “game changer” is the term being used to describe Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, or TPE, for its role as a groundbreaking protocol in Age Management Medicine.

“In the landscape of age management, where innovation and transformative approaches are constantly sought, the emergence of a protocol utilizing plasma exchange has sparked excitement and anticipation,” said Paul Savage, M.D., FACEP, FAARM, the Founder and CEO of MDLifespan in Chicago, IL.

On Friday, April 12, Dr. Savage will present the Featured Lecture at the Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Miami, FL.

Dr. Savage is a veteran of the age management movement for over three decades, and his presentation, “Reversing the Biomarkers of Aging and Reducing Toxins with Therapeutic Plasma Exchange,” will share the compelling preliminary results of his Plasma Exchange Protocol in reducing toxin levels and reversing the biomarkers of aging.

“I have witnessed significant advancements, from the integration of testosterone and hormone therapies to the exploration of stem cells,” Dr. Savage told the eJournal. “However, the potential of this new plasma protocol far surpasses any previous developments in the field.”

According to Dr. Savage, central to this discussion is the pervasive threat of toxins, an issue that permeates our environment and infiltrates our bodies with alarming consequences. “Toxins wreak havoc on our biology,” he says, “disrupting enzymes, hormones, and DNA, while impairing our natural detoxification mechanisms. We inhabit a world saturated with over 144,000 human-caused toxins, yet our ability to detect and mitigate them remains limited. These silent killers pose immediate health risks
and contribute to many chronic illnesses labeled as ‘silent killers.’ It is within this context that the urgency of addressing toxin-induced aging becomes evident.”

Dr. Savage says he and his colleagues have embarked on a pioneering journey to combat the deleterious
effects of toxins through a revolutionary protocol centered on plasma exchange. “This protocol not only expels toxins from the body, but also revitalizes the microenvironment, effectively reversing aging biomarkers,” he says. “Our preliminary findings indicate a remarkable decrease in inflammation, oxidative stress, senescence, and all measurable environmental toxins, alongside enhancements in longevity markers and the immune system.”

Dr. Savage says the implications of these results are profound, offering a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to defy the conventional trajectory of aging. “By targeting one of the root causes of aging—toxins—we are reshaping the landscape of age management, ushering in a new era of age management healthcare,” he said.

Looking ahead, said Dr. Savage, “our commitment lies in further refining and disseminating this protocol, ensuring its accessibility to all who stand to benefit. Through continued research and collaboration, we aim to unveil the full potential of this plasma exchange protocol in promoting vitality and longevity.”

In conclusion, he said, the convergence of age management expertise and technological innovation “has catalyzed a paradigm shift in our approach to aging.” With the advent of therapeutic plasma exchange as a potent tool in toxin mitigation, “we stand on the precipice of a transformative era, where aging is actively challenged and reversed. As stewards of this movement, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a future where healthspan equals lifespan—and vitality knows no bounds.”

Dr. Savage will present his Featured Lecture at 10:45 am on Friday, April 12th. For more information on the April Age Management Medicine Conference in Miami, visit agemed.org/cme-conferences/florida-april-2024/.