Feature Article: November 2019 – AMMG Awards Paul Thompson 2020 Alan Mintz Award

AMMG Presents Paul Thompson, M.D. with the 2020 Alan P. Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine

Jeff Morris

On November 8th at the 27th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Paul Thompson was presented with the 13th Annual Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award.

Paul D. Thompson, M.D., is a board-certified urologist and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. He is a member of the American Medical Association, Missouri Medical Society and American Urology Association.

Dr. Thompson was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1956 and resided there until 1975. At that time he moved to Kansas City, Missouri. After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, he graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Medical School in 1981. Seven years later, he completed a residency in urology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, where he became the Chief Resident of Urology.

Dr. Thompson returned to Missouri to practice urology, and in 1988, he established a private urology practice in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and maintained Cape Girardeau Urology Associates for the next 20 years, until 2007. He was active in the medical community.  At Southeast Missouri Hospital, he was Chief of Surgery for four years as well as Chief of Staff and head of their Credential Committee. He also was a cofounder and board member of the U.S. Medical Development Service Company, designed to serve physicians in lithotripsy, radiation treatment centers and hospitals.

As an experienced surgeon and urologist, Dr. Thompson went through some profound health issues in his own life, resulting in a redirection of his path. Dr. Thompson always believed in a proactive medical approach, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish that until his own health issues led him to experience a new paradigm with Age Management Medicine. He ultimately was the first to take and successfully complete the AMMG certifying exam.

After this change, Dr. Thompson realized that he needed to pass this knowledge along to others. He became a renowned expert and leader in this field and has written texts, lectured nationally and appeared on multiple television news shows. He is now an active speaker nationally on Age Management related topics. Always on the leading edge of medical science, he has spoken extensively for AMMG on topics as diverse as Peptides for Brain Health and Exosomes Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, which he presented in April of this year. Dr. Thompson discussed the state of erectile dysfunction treatment, including how exosomes benefit patients with ED.

In November 2018, Dr. Thompson shared his expertise on prostate cancer, the second most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind lung cancer. His AMMG presentation, “Upside-down World of Prostate Cancer,” was particularly relevant because of the complicated relationship between hormone therapy and prostate health.

“There are certain basic things that we, as age management physicians, should know,” said Dr. Thompson. As a board-certified practicing urologist who had long dealt with the realities of prostate cancer, Dr. Thompson said his goal was not to teach people to be urologists, but to be aware of the possible benefits and possible risk of the things they’re doing in their practice.

Dr. Thompson said that in planning the lecture, he experienced a transformation similar to when he transformed his own practice into a proactive age management medicine approach. “It really grew and changed and I had several epiphanies,” he said. “There were several things I took for granted and assumed, as 99.9% of my peers have done, as I attempted to explain the history of prostate cancer as we know it. So it really became, what have I done for the past 30 or 40 years, and why hadn’t I read the original paper until now; why did I make the same assumptions that many people are making today—assumptions based on what somebody told them instead of having dug into the literature to see what was there.”

He said he saw himself as a guide, helping others seek out answers. “As I dug into it I realized we really had talked about prostate cancer many times over the past ten years of the conference. I didn’t want to get up there and regurgitate the many things we’ve already done over the past ten years. It started out one place and it ended up another.” He said it really made him think.

With advanced training in Urology, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Hormonal Treatment, Age Management, and Exercise Instruction, Dr. Thompson currently operates the Thompson Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, with offices in Austin and Houston, and the goal of guiding patients to a better life through healthy aging.

The Thompson Clinic strives, through a 50|50 partnership with patients and the use of evidence-based, healthy living medicine tailored to each patient and cutting edge medical technology, to change the perception of modern medicine and improve the longevity and happiness of patients. It uses a team approach that includes the patient, doctor, nutritionist and staff to facilitate, educate and support.

Dr. Thompson also maintains a commitment to develop and employ cutting edge, safe medical technologies and protocols. And he educates patients on the importance of lifestyle changes that result in less reliance on traditional pharmaceutical products, prevent and reverse chronic ailments, and improve the quality and longevity of patients’ lives.

Dr. Thompson is married with two sons, is an avid weight lifter and is also a successful cutting horse enthusiast, competing in events across the country as an amateur and Non-Pro.

The Alan P. Mintz, M.D. Award for Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine

A mentor, innovator, and visionary in Age Management Medicine, Alan P. Mintz, M.D. inspired many with his brilliant insights and desire to help others live a vital life. He forged new medical frontiers and embraced the spirit of determination and medical excellence. The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) presents this award each year to a physician who has displayed clinical excellence in Age Management Medicine and represents the vision of Dr. Mintz for superior patient care, healthy living, quality of life and entrepreneurship.