Feature Article: September 2020 – AMMG to Hold Digital-On-Demand Conference

AMMG to Hold Digital-On-Demand Conference

Jeff Morris

AMMG is introducing an exciting and powerful new concept in medical conferences: Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine is now a Digital-On-Demand event—an even more convenient and versatile way to gain the latest knowledge in Age Management Medicine.

Available starting November 2nd, Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine groups offerings into seven different topic areas, with 30 speakers, 31 lectures, and a total of 25 AMA PRA Category 1 credits available.

And now, AMMG’s expert presenters are right at your fingertips, with the latest research findings, trending medical topics, innovative clinical uses, life-enhancing strategies, evidence-based protocols, and tech advances.

These ultra-informative, practice changing conference sessions will be available whenever YOU want, on YOUR schedule…no travel, no running around, no hassle.

You  can even stroll through an On-Demand Exhibit Hall, visiting a wide array of booths that introduce unique advancements in products and services to enrich your practice.

The seven topic areas being offered range from Introduction to Core Issues in Age Management Medicine to Clinical Issues in Age Management Medicine; from Hormone Replacement & Sexual Medicine to Precision Medicine; from Disease Prevention & Intervention, to Lifestyle, Nutrition, Fitness, to Cannabis & CBD. Where do your interests lie? Would you like to sample something new?

Here are just a few of the ultra-informative sessions you can attend:

  • Basic Hormone Replacement/Replenishment for Men, with Neal Rouzier, M.D., and Hormone Supplementation for Women: Essentials for Competent, Effective Prescribing, with Kathryn Retzler, M.D.
  • Use of Fitness & Exercise in an Age Management Medicine Practice, with Mary Corry, MSN, Ed.
  • Introduction to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, with William Clearfield, D.O., FAAMA, DABMA, FAARFM.
  • Epigenetics and its Clinical Implications in Cardiovascular Aging and Precision Medicine, with George Shapiro, M.D.
  • COVID 19, Inflammation and the role of HRT, with Cesar Pellerano, M.D.
  • Gut Microbiome-Based Inflammation & Endocrinopathy are at the root of chronic disease, and how reversing them can be of service to your patients, with Dushyant Viswanathan, M.D., ABIM, ABoIM, AACE.
  • Current Applications of Senolytics and Their Role in Age Management Medicine, with Luis Martinez, M.D., MPH.
  • Guidelines to Recommending Medical Cannabinoids, with Rachna Patel, M.D.
  • The Benefits and Dangers of Hyperbaric Oxygenation for Neurological Injury, with James Raniolo, D.O., AOBFP, ABAARM, FAARFM.
  • Hair Rejuvenation, with Joseph Greco, Ph.D., PAC.
  • Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury, with Mark L. Gordon, M.D.

Remember, these and many other leading-edge sessions will be available whenever you like, along with a virtual exhibit hall.

See all the details and sign up at www.agemed.org.